About Us

About Us


Ain Shams University seeks to be part of the economic and social reform program and to achieve Egypt’s 2030 vision through the use of communication and information technology, in the context of seeking to improve and develop the services provided by the university’s faculties, the Faculty of Computers and Information has built an integrated system to automate the services provided to the public through the portal Ain Shams University, which aims to provide government services to students, university employees, faculty members, the supporting staff, graduates and citizens.


Ain Shams University's vision is to have a global competitive advantage in managing an innovative system of education, research, knowledge and community service


Ain Shams University is an educational, research and service institution that adopts innovation and qualifies, academically and skillfully, a graduate capable of competing in the labor market and community service in accordance with international developments.



  • Mobilizing university human and material resources for the service of the society and the development of the environment by presenting university services to individuals and institutes through offering training courses and technical and cultural consultancy as well as conducting applied research
  • Offering training courses in the fields of management, tourism, and diplomacy.
  • Offering courses in the Arabic language for non-native speakers to foreign bodies.
  • Offering customized courses to cater for the needs of the society.
  • Increasing cultural awareness among university students, personnel and citizens.
  • Presenting public services to the Egyptian community in all fields.
  • Qualifying cadres from different institutes and ministries within various work fields.
  • Offering social guidance to individuals and groups Presenting customized programs for different ministries and institutes.
  • Offering guidance to various categories (e.g. students and workers) to help them overcome the obstacles that face them, develop positive attitudes, and foster their sense of belonging through the Unit of Social Development.