Help and Support

If the requested service requires your signature or personal presence, you must go to the college to which the service is affiliated to complete your application, such as a case statement service, the student must attend to verify eligibility and verify characters.
Eliminating paper documents is our goal in the platform.
Yes, all information published on the portal is constantly updated.
Yes, there is a section for help and a section for frequently asked questions for students

Subscriptions and Accounts

Creating an account on the platform, as well as some other services such as requesting a course opening. You can find out the fees for any service that is not free by clicking on the “Terms and Conditions” at the beginning of each service, bearing in mind that the fees may vary from one service to another.
To use the portal and enjoy its various services, you do not need to log in or create an account. The platform provides its services to its students and members through the account, and there are external services also without an account, for example, services provided to graduates

About The Portal

It consists of a website and a phone application to facilitate access to the university services of Ain Shams University
Faculty of Computers and Information at Ain Shams University
This platform is designed to fit different screen sizes such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs and all types of browsers.

General Questions

There are different ways to access the services, which are as follows: You can search for the required service using the search feature on the site. There are suggested services on the home page that are suggested to you based on your use of the site.
Yes, the search feature is present on every page.
This platform provides services in both Arabic and English.
Yes, it is possible to pay all bills, fines and dues.

Frequently asked questions for students

Click on My Items -> Items
Click on My Items-> Schedule
Click on my Items-> QR Codes
Click on my belongings -> grades -> choose the academic year -> click on view
Click on my Items-> grades -> choose the academic year -> click on view
Click on My Items-> Course Registration -> Click on “Choose” below the course you want to register for -> Click on Save -> Wait for your academic advisor to approve the registration of courses in case of acceptance or refuse registration in case of an error or Prerequisite for the course
Click on my Items-> request to open a course for registration -> choose the course -> click on save
Click on my Items-> request to withdraw from a course -> choose the course -> click on save
Click on my Items-> Petitions -> select the course -> click on save
Click on My Items-> Services -> Select the service -> Click on the service request
Click on Payments -> Due Payments -> Pay Due Payments -> Choose the expenses to be paid and press Pay
Click on Payments -> Transaction History
Click on Complaints -> New Complaint -> Enter Complaint Details

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