Ain Shams University seeks to improve the quality of services provided to all customers and provide digital services in order to provide services that achieve customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations. The university also seeks to achieve the highest levels of transparency and integrity in providing services.

Obligations, services or tasks provided to customers

  1. Excellence in customer service: relentless pursuit to provide services of a distinguished level and high quality in order to achieve customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations.
  2. Focusing on the customer: dealing with transparency, respect and fairness, while always striving to develop and strengthen relationships by providing a unique service to the customer.
  3. Credibility and Empowerment: Responding to the customer's needs quickly and professionally, and ensuring the confidentiality and accuracy of information.
  4. Cooperation and Teamwork: Searching for available opportunities to support colleagues and contribute to creating a work environment that stimulates team performance and meets all customer needs in a timely manner.
  5. Continuous improvement: Encouraging and supporting available opportunities to meet the needs of the customer.

What do you expect from us?

  1. Treating with kindness: tact, smile and cheerfulness are the hallmarks of the council's employees.
  2. Hygienic environment: comfortable, clean and easily accessible reception areas.
  3. Immediate service: directing the customer to the competent employee to satisfy his needs.
  4. Quick Service: Rapid response to verbal requests and phone calls and reduced number of procedures to provide fast and smooth service.
  5. Commitment: respect for time and sincerity in work.
  6. Dealing professionally: a professional and cooperative work team that works to respond to all customers' inquiries and deal with them in a timely manner.
  7. Providing information: clear and accurate information with a list of the necessary documents and requirements in several languages, as well as informing the customer about the time of completion of services and the fees that must be paid to the council.
  8. Accuracy of communication: full understanding of the information provided to the customer with the correct documents and the required steps.
  9. Quality: Providing service easily: Providing services in times and channels that suit the needs of the customer as much as possible
  10. Privacy guarantee: Maintaining confidentiality about any problems that arise in the service provided by the customer service team
  11. Raising the level of service: taking measures based on customer feedback and suggestions to provide you with the best services

What we expect from dealers

  1. Appreciating the efforts of our employees and dealing with them with mutual respect and appreciation.
  2. Providing all the required documents and papers so that we can provide our services to you quickly.
  3. Notify us immediately of any errors made by us or you during the provision of the service.
  4. Inform us of changes in personal information relating to the Service.
  5. Welcome to respond to the inquiries of the customer service staff, which enables them to provide you with a distinguished service.
  6. Provide us with your suggestions and comments with complete transparency to help us improve and improve the level of our services and provide them to you to the fullest.

Evaluate complaints handling

  1. Credibility: Dealing with customers with transparency, fairness and fairness, without bias.
  2. Responsibility: Receiving customers' complaints and dealing with them professionally and promptly.
  3. Efficiency: responding to all incoming cases without delay and making utmost efforts to solve them in a timely manner
  4. Positive: Innovative ideas that can be applied to address challenges to resolve the complaint.